Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options to satisfy everyone at your table.

Potato Towers

This fun, delicious and easy 1-2-3 potato recipe is adapted from “L’Exquisit” Blog. You can’t go wrong with potatoes, garlic, parsley, and olive oil!! It is just

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holiday breakfast with yogurt, fruit, and walnuts

Yogurt, Apples and Celery Seed

Meal discoveries, you never know when they could happen!  This morning when I was eating breakfast I reached for what I thought was cinnamon and

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Garlic: Roast it!

Pretty much every cuisine around the world has dishes that involve garlic. So why have so many cultures embraced this versatile cooking ingredient? It smells

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In Defense of Okra

What did okra ever do to you? Besides being an itchy plant when it grows, it is harmless. But, throughout so much of the country

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