Portobello Mushrooms over Red Potatoes

Portobello Mushrooms over Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes:

  1. Wash, scrub, cut and boil red potatoes until soft -keep skin on
  2. Drain and place back in pot
  3. Mix in low-fat sour cream and chives
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste

Portobello Mushrooms:

  1. Clean portobello mushrooms with mushroom scrub brush or paper towel
  2. Thinly slice mushrooms and put on stove top pan over medium heat
  3. Add a couple tablespoons of both balsamic vinegar and soy sauce
  4. Sautee until cooked through
  5. Serve mushrooms over potatoes.

While you receive the benefits of the high vitamin D content from the mushrooms your taste buds will enjoy this warm and savory dish.

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