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Melissa’s Healthy Living works with registered dietitians and nutrition scientists to provide nutrition education and healthy eating tips. Melissa’s Healthy Living does not provide medical advice, medical nutrition therapy, diagnosis, or treatment. If you’re looking for additional guidance, make an appointment with Melissa, or seek help from a doctor or other health care professional.

Who We Work With

We work with non-profit and for-profit organizations and food companies that we believe in. We are compensated for our expertise and opinions, and this supports our organizational goals of creating healthier individuals and communities. Although this site receives compensation for certain content and advertising, we will not sway our opinion or beliefs to fit a product. We choose products that we believe can fit into a healthy and balanced diet. Melissa’s Healthy Living discloses all relationships with organizations and food companies. Any sponsored posts are disclosed as well.

Melissa’s Healthy Living and Melissa Halas currently work with the following organizations:

  • American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)
  • Melissa is a nutrition advisor on the RB Brain Advisory Board
  • Melissa currently serves as People.com magazine’s parent nutrition expert

Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Melissa’s Healthy Living is an affiliate for several companies. This means we will get a very small percentage of the amount you pay for certain items that we link to on our site (i.e., recommended book, kitchen item, etc.). These are products we believe will make your life easier that also hold good value! For any product that Melissa’s Healthy Living is an affiliate for, we will mention this at the top or bottom of the page. The small commission adds up over time to help us pay for the site and keep providing you with fantastic content!

Unless it’s specified that a post is a paid post or contains an affiliate link, all recommended products are items we’ve tried and think you’ll benefit from knowing about.

Melissa’s Healthy Living’s Team and Advisors

The information provided on this site is written by Melissa Halas or other contributors to Melissa’s Healthy Living – most of whom are Registered Dietitians. The contributors have a wide range of experience including but not limited to community and clinical settings, and may be chefs, food safety experts, researchers, global food specialists, professors, psychologists, fitness experts, or food service personnel. We strive for variety to keep the topics diverse and supported by science!

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