How to Accomplish Your Health Goals: Part 1

How to Accomplish Your Health Goals: Part 1

Achieving your desires takes more than stating your goals out loud and creating to-do-lists. You need to schedule them and lock in specific times to make your goals become a reality. Learn how to decrease distractions, use social accountability and self-appraisal plans for better success with your health goals by taking these steps.

Identify your BIG picture goal for your health – what do you want as the end accomplishment – the final result? Ask, what is it that you want, that you don’t have now? Once you have determined your goal, say it out loud- and not just to yourself, but to friends and family as well. Social accountability can help keep you on track and make your goals even more concrete. When talking about your goal, use action verbs like can, will and do.

Set Short & Long Term Goals –The mere act of setting a goal significantly increases your performance. Start by setting your long-term goal. For example, your goal may be to lose 50 pounds or to run a half marathon. Next, break your large goal up into smaller more concrete goals. Perhaps you want to lose 50lbs over the course of 1 year. That translates to 4 to 5 lbs of weight loss each month. How much more reasonable and achievable does that sound?? Next, determine what specific actions you can take to help yourself lose those pounds each month. Do you need to cut back on alcohol and sweets? Increase your strength training? Get more sleep? Everything you do should bring you closer to your BIG picture goal. Check in each week and adjust your behaviors as needed to keep on track.

Don’t try to conquer everything at once.
Break your goals up into smaller actions, and schedule them into time slots to avoid multi-tasking. For example, if you’re planning to buy an exercise bike, maybe you need to clean out the area first so you have space for it! If you buy the bike without clearing space first, it may sit in the box for weeks before you actually set it up and put it to use. Read How to Accomplish Your Health Goals Part 2.



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