Calorie Cocktail Bombs: Are You Sabotaging Your Weightloss Goals?

Calorie Cocktail Bombs: Are You Sabotaging Your Weightloss Goals?

When we go out to have fun with friends or family, eating out is almost always a given. Of course, cocktails are often in order – in addition to the appetizers, main course, and dessert. Aside from excess calories, salt, and sugar in the food, did you know that drinks also provide excess calories and can add additional pounds on your waistline too?

Weight gain happens when we eat a diet higher in calories than what our bodies require.  The excess calories can be from any source: carbohydrates, fat, protein… and even alcohol. In fact, the calories from alcohol (7 kcal/gram) are only slightly lower than those from fat (9 kcal/gram), as compared to the 4 calories per gram found in carbohydrates and protein.

Some surprising calorie cocktail bombs:

Alcoholic Drink Calories
12 fl oz Regular Beer 155 kcal
12 fl oz Lite Beer 134 kcal
5 fl oz Red Wine 125 kcal
5 fl oz White Wine 121 kcal
4 fl oz Martini 261 kcal
4 fl oz Piña Colada 228 kcal
4 fl oz Manhattan 263 kcal
6 fl oz  Frozen Daiquiri 146 kcal
6 fl oz  Gin and Tonic 137 kcal
6 fl oz  Bloody Mary 149 kcal
6 fl oz  Salty Dog 145 kcal
6 fl oz  Screwdriver 153 kcal

If you are worried about weight gain, you must keep in mind that calories from alcohol can add up too! If weight loss is your goal, you may wish to consider having your cocktail in place of dessert after your meal. To limit extra calories, your best bet is to steer clear of the blended drinks that tend to be high in sugary fruit juice or simple syrup (a fancy term for sugar water). Instead, opt for wine, light beer, or cocktails made with zero-calorie mixers like diet or club sodas, and then add additional flavor with garnishes like fresh fruit or herbs. Get more weight management success tips.

Test Your Knowledge: True or False:

1. To limit excess calories, it’s best to avoid blended drinks

2. Alcohol contains fewer calories than protein

Answers: 1. True; 2. False


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