The Thing that Can Help Kids Enjoy Food More

The Thing that Can Help Kids Enjoy Food More

Give your child a chance to experience their food and allow their taste buds to savor the colors of the rainbow. As early as preschool, kids are rushed at meal time, not allowing them adequate time to eat real foods that take time to chew and digest.

Let’s look at many of the processed foods that invade your child’s lunch box: Lunchables, chips, white bread or white crackers, yogurt tubes, artificial cheese- many of these you could consider practically pre-digested!  They may be ground-up, mashed or have added fillers, sugar, stabilizers and salt giving them the ability to instantly melt in your stomach.

These foods may come with a low price tag in the store but the bargain buck stops there.  You can cash in any savings with the costs attached to future heart burn, joint problems, clogged arteries, or elevated blood sugar to name a few.

Starting today, step on the breaks and slow down. Take the time to sit with your children and talk while sharing a meal. Enjoy and taste all the flavors nature brings to the table.

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