Probiotics –The Immune Boost You May Need

Probiotics –The Immune Boost You May Need

Probiotics are living bacteria that can promote health when we include them in our diet through foods. Here’s an excerpt on why families should include probiotics in their diet.

  • Enhanced immunity — the gut is your immune command center, overseeing regulation of immune responses including inflammation. Probiotics have been shown to boost immune function.
  • Reduction of diseasecausing bacteria — when beneficial probiotics populate your gut, the majority rules and unhealthy bacteria become the minority.
  • Prevention of allergythe allergic response may be related to an excessive or imbalanced immune response; probiotics are used for the prevention and reduction of allergic symptoms.
  • Treatment of antibiotic associated diarrheacaused by the use of broad spectrum antibiotics, the associated diarrhea can be reduced by the use of probiotics.
  • Read the whole story on how to include them in your diet.

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