Nutrition Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Live Healthy

Nutrition Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Live Healthy

Start incorporating these healthy eating habits today that will last a lifetime:

  • Model It – Walk the walk and talk the talk.  Give your kids the best example of health by living it.
  • Slow Down When You Eat – Eat slowly to give your brain time to get the message that your stomach is full.
  • Play Every Day – Get your family moving together: walk, hike, bike and play.
  • Make Meal Time Memories – Cook and eat together.
  • Brake for Fruit – Instead of a big dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with some fresh fruit.
  • Breakfast is the Way to Start Your Day – Boost your memory, concentration and metabolism.
  • Veggies are the way to go – Vegetables are jam-packed with nutrients.  Eat them fresh or frozen at lunch, dinner or on the go.
  • Can the Soda – A 12-ounce soft drink can contain 10 teaspoons of sugar.  Go for water instead.

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