How to Make Your Child’s Meal Time Memorable

How to Make Your Child's Meal Time Memorable

Check out these really helpful and great tips to guide parents, grandparents and caregivers on healthy eating. They’re so simple and make great sense!  Created by the USDA – our tax dollars at work.

  1. Role modeling is important…children learn by watching their parents and  teachers.
  2. Role modeling is important…children take their lead from parents and teachers.
  3. Cooking together, eating together, and talking together makes mealtime a memorable time.
  4. Let children serve themselves at mealtime. Teach them to take small amounts at first. Tell them they can get more if they are still hungry.
  5. Sometimes accepting new foods takes time. Kids don’t always take to new foods right away. Offer  fruits and vegetables many times. Give them a taste at first and be patient with them.
  6. Patience works better than pressure. Offer new foods, then let them choose how much to eat. Kids are more likely to enjoy a food when eating it is their own choice.

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