How Safe are Your Kid’s Teeth?

How Safe are Your Kid's Teeth?

7 out of 10 kids have one or more by age 5. This is known as the most common chronic disease among children today. It’s rare for one to live an entire lifetime without falling victim to…Dental caries!

The Culprit to Tooth Troubles:

• High consumption of carbohydrate-rich, sugary foods and beverages can lead to cavities.To learn more see Health Problems Associated with Sweetened Drinks.
• Consistency counts. Sticky, thick foods glue themselves onto teeth, furthering risk of dental damage. Give freeze-dried fruits the boot! Watch out for these newly popular foods marketed to children, which wedge themselves into the tiny grooves of teeth. If you do choose them, brush right after or choose dried apricots or apples instead.
• Added sugars in snacks are on the tooth attack. Kids who eat sweet snacks in between meals are 5 times more prone to develop dental caries than those who do not.

Good news! Children who eat more fruits and vegetables lower their chance of dental caries and diseases. So, slice, dice, and serve them up!

Learn more tips about protecting your child’s teeth.

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