Fun Ways to Teach Young Kids about MyPlate

Fun Ways to Teach Young Kids about MyPlate

Teaching your young kids about good nutrition with MyPlate can be super easy for parents and fun for kids!

  • First take out a medium size dinner plate. Have your child trace the shape on a piece of paper.
  • Show them the MyPlate logo and have them divide their circle into 4 almost equal parts. Giving a little more space for veggies than fruits and a little more space for grains than protein.
  • Take out some crayons –tell them to pick out the colors that foods come in! Explain to them that each color food has unique powers that protect our body, for example, blueberries may help them remember better and keep their hearts strong or strawberries have vitamin C that helps heal their cuts if they fall on the playground.
  • Have them draw and color their favorite foods on the makeshift plate.
  • At meal time, have them help you plan the meal together to meet the MyPlate principles. Discuss which foods you’ll need to prepare to fit every category.  Use this as an opportunity to choose whole grains over refined grains.
  • Get them involved by having them wash or scrub vegetables, set the table and arrange the foods on their plate to match MyPlate!

The next time your child falls on the playground, instead of hearing, “I need a bandaid” it could be, “mom can we buy some strawberries?”  For more tips on MyPlate principles visit .  Then visit for your source of fun and practical nutrition tips and tools to help you and your family live their best!

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