Tips for Keeping Your Kids Fit and at a Healthy Weight

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Fit and at a Healthy Weight
  • Stock your refrigerator with ready to eat fruits and vegetables—fresh, frozen, or canned. If buying canned veggies, keep your heart healthy by assuring no sodium is added. If stalking up on canned fruit, buy items without added sugar or syrup that will add unwanted calories. When possible choose cans foods without BPA.
  • Prepare fruits and veggies in an eye catching way: Studies show that children eat more of them when served in a beautiful and interesting way.
  • Turn off the TV. Watching TV distracts families from enjoying healthier activities that exercise the muscles and the mind.
  • Clean and sanitize your refrigerator regularly. Having a clean refrigerator reduces the risk of contaminated food.
  • Monitor mindless munching. Teach your kids to be aware of when and what they are eating.
  • Find healthy ways to reward your children for a job well done, like stickers or time together, instead of cookies or candy. Rewarding good behavior with food is related to being overweight later.
  • Be a good example. Model healthy behaviors like eating breakfast and including fruits and vegetables at all of your meals.

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