7 Delicious Healthy Dessert Ideas

7 Delicious Healthy Dessert Ideas
  1. Blend frozen cherries with a couple tablespoons of sweetened yogurt
  2. Mix frozen raspberries with chocolate yogurt (like Chocolate Underground by Stoney Field in the refrigerator section) in the blender
  3. Assemble homemade ice-cream sandwiches with whole grain graham crackers and low-fat ice-cream
  4. Make frozen banana treats by dipping them in low fat yogurt, rolling them in a healthy granola and then freezing
  5. Enjoy Rice Krispie Treats with high fiber cereal and use half the required butter
  6. Have the kids help create yogurt parfaits with low-fat yogurt, a cut up fruit, and a whole grain cereal
  7. Cook Quinoa with cinnamon, raisins, and a little sugar or honey

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