5 Roadblocks to Healthy Living

5 Roadblocks to Healthy Living

Have you been trying to develop a healthier lifestyle, but just can’t seem to get in the groove? It’s true- life can get in the way, but you’ll never make lasting progress if you consistently let challenges get in your way. While working with clients, I’ve found that there are ten common roadblocks that come up again and again. Here are the first five, followed by my favorite tips for overcoming them. Stay tuned for part two next week!

Roadblock #1: Making excuses for everything!

The truth is, we make time for what is important. Make a list of the healthy lifestyle activities you would like to do on a regular basis, and take action, one day at a time. Start by focusing on one activity, incorporating it into your day on a consistent basis. Once you have mastered that activity for two week straight, add in the next one. By focusing on one goal at a time, you’ll be less likely to become overwhelmed.

Roadblock #2: Not scheduling workouts and prep time.

It is critical to make time to exercise or prepare healthy meals and snacks and mark it on your calendar. If you don’t, these activities tend to fall through the cracks. Experiment with what times work best for you. Many people love working out in the morning, when life hasn’t yet gotten in the way. The evening is a great time to do meal prep for the next day. Pack up lunches, make snack bags, or slice produce for the upcoming day.

Roadblock #3: Letting it all hang out on the weekends.

Many people make the mistake of thinking weekends are a time to sit on their tushie on the couch. Yes, you may feel drained after a full week in the office or a long week with the kids, but moving your body is rejuvenating. If the gym doesn’t sound appealing, try heading outside for a run, hike, or bike ride. Check out these new, old and fad fitness routines. Even a fun trip to the park or beach with the family can be a stress-free way to fit in some fitness.

Roadblock #4: Not getting enough sleep.

It’s easy to get caught up watching your favorite shows or reading the newest page-turner late into the night. But getting a full night sleep is critical. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it! Choose a reasonable time, like 10:00 or 10:30 PM, so you can still watch a little TV, and get your 8 hours! To help calm your mind before bed, leave a 30-minute technology-free buffer before bed to do something relaxing. Some of my favorites include stretching, meditating, putting on a cleansing face mask, or chatting with my spouse over a cup of chamomile tea. Find your happy bedtime routine and stick with it!

Roadblock #5: Ignoring your body’s needs.

So many of us are always busy and put ourselves dead last on the priority list. But your body knows best, and if you learn to tune into its messages, you’ll know how to better care for yourself. If you have a nagging pain in your shoulder or a pulled hamstring, it may be time to take a break. Learn to be mindful and listen to the signals your body is giving you. Remember to stretch after workouts –and switch up your exercise routines to prevent overuse injuries!

Now overcome these common obstacles by setting some goals! Write down exactly what you’ll do this week to follow through on your commitment to healthy living. See my article on healthy goal setting!

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