Why You Should Eat in Season

Why You Should Eat in Season

Seasonal foods are simply sensational.  Filled with fresh-from-the-farm flavor and color, these deliciously nutritious foods easily appeal to the home cook, grocery shopper, and entire family too.

Seasonal foods are fresher, which means more vitamins and minerals with each bite.  If the colors attract buyers, the taste of the seasonal foods will keep them coming back.  Seasonal produce, often harvested soon before selling, are crisper and riper with a more intense flavor than foods that are unnaturally grown out of season.  Have you ever tried a fresh cucumber or tomato right from a summer garden? If you have, you’ll know just how different fresh can taste!

Not only does seasonal produce taste better and have more nutrients, eating seasonally can also help with weight management! See these tips:

  • Focus on eating local or seasonal foods -choose fresh, wholesome unprocessed foods which come without added salt, sugar and additives
  • Eating seasonally means meal planning in advance – this can translate into eating less processed, prepackaged foods, which are often laden with excess calories.
  • Eat around the seasons – it can help you become more aware of your foods and their flavors. Since seasonal produce pack so much flavor per bite, it’s easy to satisfy our taste buds with smaller portions.

When you taste a meal with a variety of fresh in season herbs you’ll ditch the salt shaker! An abundance of fresh flavors creates a more satisfying meal and may help decrease over-eating. Plus when you ditch the salt –you’ll help keep your blood pressure in check. A growing problem in many Americans. Learn how to get seasonal in your own backyard by growing a family garden!

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