Penny’s Super Fast Snacks

Penny’s Super Fast Snacks

Sometimes my super-fast speed makes it hard to sit down for a snack! Good thing my mom knows just what to do. She prepares snacks ahead of time so we can just grab-and-go!

Here are some snacks that I have planned for the week:

Monday: Mango and melon chunks Grab-n-Go Snacks for Toddlers By: Melissa Ohlson, MS, RD

Tuesday: Tomatoes (cherry) and string cheese

Wednesday: Watermelon popsicles (see Baby Tom Tom’s recipes for more watermelon ideas!)

Thursday: Turkey Roll-ups (turkey with slices of cucumber in a 4” whole wheat tortilla) *Try Applegate Farms Turkey for lower nitrite content

Friday: Fruit Salad: a whole mix of my favorite fruit! I especially love purple grapes (frozen)

Saturday: Starfruit because mom say’s I’m a super star!

Sunday: Sugar snap peas, so sweet and crunchy, with hummus

For more on grab-and-go snacks, check out

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