Healthy Homes for Healthy Families

Healthy Homes for Healthy Families

Read the tips below.  Choose one or two health goals this week to achieve.  Then track how you do. Print this out and put it on the fridge or tape to a kitchen cabinet. Each week place a check mark by the goals you reached, at the end of the month see how you did. 

  • Involve every family member in getting outside or being active.
  • Turn off the TV, radio, and computer games during mealtimes and snacks.
  • Give big hugs instead of sweet treats.
  • Let your child pick their weekend fitness adventure.
  • Enjoy healthy meals and real food snacks –that don’t come with a long list of ingredients.
  • Create a list of fun fitness activities you can do together that involve moving! Choose at least one each week you can do together.
  • Aim for your dinner plate to be half vegetable, a quarter lean protein, and a quarter whole grain.
  • Include a fruit or vegetable at snack times or for dessert.
  • Get fit while having fun playing family favorites, like jump rope, tag, or catch.
  • Shop, Stock and Offer healthy foods in easy-to-see places.
  • Cleaned the fridge out!

How did you do?

Keep track of how many health goals you reach each week for a month. Then give yourself a healthy non-food reward for taking steps towards a healthy home for you and your family:

  • Stock the Fridge with Fruits and Veggies
  • Display Fruits & Veggies in Easy-to-See Places
  • Turn Off the TV During Mealtime
  • Give Your Child a Big Hug
  • Enjoy Mealtime Together
  • Model Healthy Eating Behavior
  • Include a Fruit or Veggie at Snack Time
  • Choose fitness over sedentary activity
  • Make Sure Hands Are Washed Before Meals
  • Clean and Sanitize the Refrigerator
  • Wash and Thoroughly Clean Produce

Ready to move on to new health goals. Try tracking your color power with the Super Crew Color Tracker or drinks next month!

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