Easy and Fun Ways to Motivate Your Partner to Work Out

Spending time together being active is way better for your health goals and far more engaging than just going to the movies. You can talk and really enjoy each other’s company while de-stressing yourselves by being active. You will both feel better afterwards as well as closer to each other.

  1.  Be a role model!  One very effective way to inspire your partner or family is to set a good example.  People tend to do well when they have a positive role model to follow.
  2. Make it a date.  Instead of going to the movies or dinner, go for a bike ride, hike, or long walk together.  It’s always easier to get motivated to exercise with someone else. 
  3. Make it fun!  Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring old gym routine.  Take a spin class or boxing class. Co-create your own circuit training routine. Focusing on a particular activity or technique makes it easy and fun to stay engaged.
  4. Take it outside.  When the weather is nice, it’s always great to get outdoors.  The fresh air can be invigorating.  Many boot camp classes are conducted outside.  Sign up for one together!
  5. Join a team.  Former athletes?  Sign up for a recreational soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey or basketball league.  Playing on a team is a great way to develop and maintain an exercise habit.  If others are counting on you to show up, you’ll feel badly if you don’t.  As an added bonus, you can meet new people!
  6. Join a running club. Love running but don’t know where to run? Try a running club that will not only keep you motivated, but will give you new routes in your area.  It’ll also be a great way to meet other runners.
  7. Join a biking club. What’s great is they often have varying fitness levels like A, B or C. Even if you’re in great shape you may prefer biking 30 plus miles at a C rate so you can relax and enjoy the scenery!
  8. Pick an event. Sign up for a muddy buddy or a triathlon together and be inspired to make this date stick. Having a partner with whom to train for one of these will keep you moving towards the finish line!
  9. Help each other stretch. Sometimes a stretch is more effective when someone is helping you out. It doesn’t have to take long and you will both feel better.
  10. Create a set time. Have a set time every day that you go out for a walk, hike, or to the gym. Hold each other accountable for the workout plan you set together.

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