So Easy Bean Tacos!

So Easy Bean Tacos!

Hungry after a long day of work or excursions. Vegetarian tacos are an easy quick 5-10 minute healthy meal


  • Black or kidney beans
  • Fresh store bought salsa
  • Shredded reduced fat cheddar or mexican cheese
  • Romaine lettuce -chop and dry
  • Tomatoes
  • Hard shell corn tacos
  1. Open up a can of black or kidney beans, drain fluid from can but don’t rinse. Place them in pan and heat medium-low for 3-5 minutes. *If you’re watching your sodium levels, rinsing can cut sodium up to 40%.
  2. Wash and chop lettuce and tomatoes.
  3. Place warm beans in taco shell, top with cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa.
  4. Serve with side veggies like ready washed and microwaveable green beans. Eat and Enjoy!

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