How to Live Healthier this Week

How to Live Healthier this Week

What type of activity have you and your family done together to live healthier this week? Jot them down at mealtime together and discuss more ways you can be active together. Try keeping a written record for one week of your physical activities to keep you motivated and make your family proud of its accomplishments!

Reward your family when they’ve completed AT LEAST 5 activities each week (30 minutes each activity) for 5 weeks in a row. Put some money in a jar each time a family member chooses to do an activity and treat them to a fun, family day outdoors or a trip to the store for a toy that involves exercise – a new soccer ball, jump rope, or even a Wii Fit for the family! Remember NEVER use food as a reward.

Now think about how you can role model a healthy activity this week?

Promoting physical activity by being a good role model will help your family form healthy habits to take a positive view of exercise! Here are some ways to get started below. Select what you plan to do then choose a day to get moving!

  1. I will pick a day and time that we will exercise together, as a family, each week
  2. I will chose to walk or bike rather than drive when time permits
  3. I will choose a fitness activity rather than watching a TV show or DVD
  4. I will sign up for a sports or exercise class rather than buying a new video game system or the latest electronic gadget
  5. I will play an exergame with my child or catch instead of curling up on the couch

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