5 Tips to Outsmart Your Junk Food Snack Attack

5 Tips to Outsmart Your Junk Food Snack Attack
  • Cut back on snack foods like chips, cookies, sticks and fake veggies that come in bags – they are not real food and trick you into eating too much. Make healthy choices for a powerful body and mind.
  • Choose more fresh fruits, veggies, 100% whole grains, beans and nuts instead!
  • Skip fast foods or choose healthier options like a grilled chicken salad.
  • Stay hydrated! Keep herbal teas, water with lemon, lime or cucumber slices in the fridge and remember to have a glass before eating. This will help you make healthier choices.
  • Remember when you’re hungry reach for whole foods that are packed with nutrients. Choose foods that make you feel and look your best – inside and out!

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