5 New and Improved Ways to Walk

5 New and Improved Ways to Walk

One of my favorite songs growing up was “Walk This Way” by Run DMC and Aerosmith. Music can be a great way to keep you motivated while working out and give you new work out ideas.  So turn up the volume and try these methods to get the energy pumping while walking:

  1. Side shuffle like a pro!  Football players routinely incorporate side shuffles into their practices.  The move works the muscles of the inner and outer thighs while also revving up your cardio workout.
  2. Walk backwards (where it’s safe).  You’ll use different muscles than you’re accustomed to using while walking normally.  This will work the front of your legs more, which will burn slightly more calories and balance out your leg musculature at the same time!  For an extra quad burn, walk backwards uphill!
  3. Walk/run intervals.  Interval walking and running can give you a great cardiovascular workout while sparing your joints.  Research has shown that shorter duration cardio workouts that incorporate short bursts of speed can be just as, or MORE effective than, longer workouts at a steady pace.  The shorter duration and incorporation of low-intensity walking help to decrease pounding on the joints.
  4. Walk/march.  For the less easily intimidated, walk normally, and then every 5 steps bring one knee up to meet the opposite elbow.  Repeat on the other side.  For a more advanced version, run for 5 full steps (left/ right), and then do same knee to elbow movement from above with a little hop.


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