Top 10 Frozen Foods to Eat on a Hot Summer Day

Top 10 Frozen Foods to Eat on a Hot Summer Day

With summer days getting hotter, cold foods are a welcomed taste.

Here are some great whole foods to try frozen. The best part is frozen fruits and vegetable are often less expensive.  Maybe you like food frozen, but don’t like it too much at room temperature or heated.  Check out your frozen fruit section of the grocery store. Just don’t savor the moment too long when eating, or they’ll lose their cool!

  1. frozen pistachios –they top the list!
  2. frozen petite peas
  3. frozen sweet white or yellow corn
  4. frozen edamame –not the pods
  5. frozen juicy pomegranate seeds
  6. frozen pineapple chunks
  7. frozen mango pieces
  8. frozen blueberries
  9. frozen raspberries – a personal favorite
  10.  frozen grapes –all colors welcomed

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